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6 months ago our lab Ollie attended his first hydrotherapy session with Tracey. 4 months before that he had a TPLO which involved cutting and realigning his leg bone. Tracey provided 10 weekly sessions to build up the strength back in his leg. This was a very important part of his rehabilitation.
Today Ollie is back on his normal walks and doing what he does best, roaming, getting muddy and swimming. 
A big thanks to Tracey whose care and patience has made this possible.

Neil and Lisa (with Ollie)

Our 20 month old spaniel, Alfie, has been having hydrotherapy with Tracey for the last few months after being diagnosed with the early signs of hip dysplasia. She's been fab with him, he'd previously never really swam and has taken some time to get used to doing so without creating mini tsunamis in the pool. Tracey has been super patient with him, despite being drenched every week, and we're seeing a much more muscular, happy dog. We've been able to try lots of different techniques to teach him to swim properly, and Tracey has always considered Alfie's health and safety as the highest priority! I can't believe we've gone from having a dog who wouldn't walk through a puddle, to one who we can't get out of the pool. Thank you Tracey!"

Krissi & John (with Alfie)

Fantastic service offered by a lovely lady. Our dog has greatly improved since our visits started and am confident her progress will continue under Tracey’s guidance. Thank you!

Charlie (with Jesse)

I am also a qualified canine hydrotherapist, so was understandably very particular when choosing a therapist for my 12 and a half yr old dachshunds with minor mobility issues.

I’m so pleased to have found Tracey at her lovely clean and modern clinic in Over.
Both dogs were anxious at first, but Tracey was very patient and kind, took things slowly, and soon earned their trust. Tracey is very knowledgeable and tailors each session and treatment programme to the individual dog.
My dogs enjoy their hydro sessions now, and so far have had no recurrences of past back or neck issues, or need of pain medication. Controlled, non-weight bearing exercise in warm water is a great way to keep my two little friends mobile and pain free for as long as possible.

Tracy (with Monty and Dottie)

Been taking my Lab Collie cross to Tracey for a few months now for help with excess weight and arthritic hock joints! Cannot recommend enough..: highly knowledgeable and compassionate to my poorly pooch. She has come along so well after her weekly sessions. She has lost weight, has greater mobility and absolutely adores Tracey! She even enjoys her shower after swimming!

Danielle (with Jesse)


My eldest boy Beau has been swimming with Tracey for about 2 years now.  He has bilateral elbow dysplasia and this really helps with his mobility and exercise given some days are tough for him to walk very far.  Most weeks we will swim twice and it is the highlight of his week.  He loves the pool for sure but just adores Tracey and her after swim massage in the shower.    Tracey has made such a difference to Beau's quality of life I would highly recommend her.

Karen and Alec (with Beau)


My dog is a fairly new customer of Hydro-fur-apy, but he loves Tracey and enjoys his little swims.  Tracey is always very patient with him and has got to know my dog and his condition.  She's also been extremely understanding if we've had to change appointments around due to him being in pain which shows her love for dogs.  Thank you for all of your support.

Kerry (with Arnie)


Our wonderful dog Ellie has been going to see Tracey since the Summer of 2019.  We were quite nervous about taking Ellie for hydrotherapy for her with her arthritis as she really doesn't like water at all.  When we got there, our fears subsided completely.  Tracey was incredibly patient with Ellie, taking it as slow as she needed in order to feel comfortable.  

Well, we are now 6 months or so down the line and it's a transformation.  We now have no worries about taking Ellie, and her confidence has exploded.  She is not only better in the pool, but has no worries about going in.  It  has helped her arthritis to no end as well.  To any one thinking of taking their dog to Tracey for hydrotherapy, I would just say this - What are you waiting for?

Rob and Debbie (with Ellie)

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