It is a myth that all dogs can and are good swimmers.  Despite what you may hear, not all dogs can swim or even learn to swim.  It could be due to them being overweight, or a breed that are well known for swimming ‘like rocks’, such as Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Bull Terriers or are just unable to grasp it.

Our swimming sessions are aimed at encouraging your puppy to feel safe and confident in the water. It will allow it to exercise in a non-weight bearing environment reducing the pressure on its growing joints. The lessons will allow your puppy to gain confidence in a controlled, safe environment, where it will be accompanied by a qualified hydrotherapist at all times.

Teaching your dog to swim could one day save its life.  As well as it being safe, it is also a great form of exercise and once it is confident, a great source of fun.

Your puppy must be between 3 and 12 months and must have had all of its vaccinations.  Smaller breeds/toy dogs, can start from the age of 4 months.  You will need a referral form from your vet, confirming that your puppy is fit and healthy enough to undertake lessons.

Puppies need a lot less exercise than an adult dog and if you over exercise it, you could damage developing joints which could cause arthritis in early life.

When your puppy begins its lessons, it will be fitted with a flotation jacket which will provide it with support.  At the beginning, the sessions will be kept short (20 minutes) and will involve paddling, splashing and interaction between puppy and hydrotherapist on the platform in shallow water so that it gains confidence.


It is not a good idea to teach your dog to swim by just throwing it in, you could cause it to be frightened of the water.

If you take your time and make the puppy’s introduction to the water slow and calm, it should view it as fun and something that it enjoys doing. 

Puppy swimming lessons - Duration 20 minutes - £20.00 (including a shower at the end of the session and if you would like to bring your puppy's shampoo, we will be happy to use it)



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